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  1. Brenda K Star Live @ The Lemon Tree
  2. ALERT...ALERT this is an INVASION...
  3. 2 in a room Wiggle it new remixes!
  4. Safire New Single
  5. New Judy Torres & Vanessa Conde pics, plus Brenda K. Star at the Lemon Tree!
  6. Freestyle File Radio TODAY 4/25/09 @ 7:45- w/ DJ Paradise & Nyasia LIVE with Miguel R
  7. New Music From Debbie Deb! "everytime You Come Around"
  8. K7 TKA interview with KAYEL
  9. Sal Abbitiello, Safire, George Lamond & Noel @ Party 105 Tonight 9-11pm!!!
  10. The new Brenda K. Star pictures and more!!
  11. IN response to Vocal Image post "What does it take"
  12. Willie Valentin @ Central Lounge, Harrison, NJ may 16th
  13. Corina / Nocera / Nina Martinez performing on May 9th
  14. from the blog of SAFIRE: LISTEN TO "EXOTIQUE" NOW!
  15. Facebook users join Freestyle Universe
  16. Pure Pleazure Comeback Tour!
  17. Event: Janid Twisted Record Release Party And Asylum-j Tour Kickoff
  18. R.I.P. Erika Roman (FEVER RECORDS/Power 95.3 Orlando)
  19. Safire Record Release Part 6/6/09 Reading, Pa
  21. United We Jam
  22. Pictures of Soave performing @ The LemonTree
  23. Wiki article on Club MTV
  24. LISA LISA'S "80's Fashion Flare" PHOTO CONTEST: LAS VEGAS
  25. K7 TKA weekly update THE LEGEND OF THUNDERFOOT
  26. Erika Roman R.I.P
  27. Safire-Exotique Single
  28. Exotique - Where is it??
  30. DJ Erika Roman gave back after rough childhood
  31. Safire's Exotique #1
  32. Erika Roman memorial: Hundreds pay tribute to life cut short
  33. A Freestyle Music Theme Park? Get outta here!
  34. George LaMond Sings The National Anthem At Nutle American Little League, NJ
  35. Stay In Love: Mon A Q vs Mona Lisa vs The Kromozone Project
  37. Happy Mothers Day From Judy Torres!
  38. Happy mothers day to all the moms!
  40. Pictures of Voyce performing @ The Lemon Tree!!
  41. Cynthia, Judy Torres & Lissette Melendez @ Rise This Friday!
  42. Safire in Boston
  43. Britney Spears-Radar Remixes
  44. Fever Freestyle Memorial Day Weekend 2009 @ The China Club!!
  45. Stevie B. live at The Roxy in Boston!
  46. Top 100 Freestyle songs contest
  47. Safire "Exotique" Review
  48. 2009 Puerto Rican Day Parade t-shirt design
  49. SAFIRE tonight
  50. Freestyle artists: Saint and Wendy on The Aurelia Show
  51. Freestyle File Radio Saturday 5/16/09 @ 7:30- w/ DJ Paradise & Nyasia LIVE
  52. Lil Suzy's New Single "Dance Tonight" will be available on iTunes June, 18th! Mark yo
  53. holy shit! where does this guy get his price from?
  54. Shakira "The border"
  55. Rare new Freestyle pictures to share with u!!
  56. The life of Erika Roman "Living the dream".
  57. classic tka photo w/ chuck chillout (rythm is the master, and im just a slaaaaavvvee!
  58. K7 TKA WEEKLY UPDATE "the news"
  59. Vanessa Conde, Ru Paul & Others Sing To Thousands In D.C.! 6/13 & 14
  60. Beatstock 2009 Dates Announced!
  61. Can You Feel the Beat? Lisa Lisa is Back With a New Album
  62. What happened to the breaks?
  63. Classic Safire American Bandstand
  64. Another Classic Safire
  65. carlos berrios presents' RENEE "Trying not to cry"
  66. Taylor Dayne
  67. Super Caliente Summer Jam 2009
  68. Tomorrow My Top 10 Freestyle Music Best Kept Secret Live
  69. Erika Roman's Myspace page..please read
  70. New LISA LISA now on iTunes
  71. Safire Club Performance
  72. Stevie B New Album "The Terminator" Available At Hottunez
  73. VANESSA CONDE updates!@!!
  74. Coro's New Video - Lets Get Away
  75. Latest Exposé News
  76. DJ James Anthony LIVE @ Deja Vu Staten Island- FREESTYLE & OLD SCHOOL PARTY
  77. Vanessa Conde & Jade Starling/Pretty Poison @ Nyc Pride 09 6/28
  80. Peter Fontaine vs. NV
  81. D'luna (the chinadoll) on MYSPACE! "Get Away" 2009
  82. The Freestyle File Radio Mix show, with "DJ Paradise" doing
  83. Safire Live Radio Today
  84. Something I Would Like to Point Out
  85. Freestyle Fans! The Original "nice N Wild" Is Back!!!!
  86. It's a Freestyle Invasion!
  87. Freestyle Invasion Miami Florida Pixxx!!
  88. a message from EXPOSE'!
  89. K7 TKA Masher tv double week pt1 "the adventures of Kayel"
  90. 4 Weeks Of Freestyle @ 46 Lounge-totawa, Nj
  91. Tazmania Records returns!
  92. Safire CD Single???
  93. Sace 2: Electro LP fr Spain inc 2 female vocal cuts
  94. Is this really freestyle!?
  95. Don't Miss Tonasia @ The Lemon Tree
  96. Get Your New Freestyle/Lemon Tree Calendar
  97. Slap Chop Freestyle REMiX
  98. K7 TKA Masher tv double week pt2
  99. Tommy Lyons Jr. aka Kstyle
  100. freestyle explosion @ SAN JOSE CIVIC AUDITORIUM -SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA 7/24/09
  101. What I would really like to see...
  102. Freestyle Fury Video
  103. Safire CD Release Party - Silo Night Club pixxxx
  104. another angel covergirl?
  105. The Real NICE & WILD
  106. Brand New Tito Puente, Jr Single Out Today
  107. Reinaldo video @ youtube
  108. palermo da nu generation of freetyle
  109. Check out my pics of Tonasia performing at the Lemon Tree
  110. Lisa Lisa is giving away 100 AUTOGRAPHED Fan images!!
  111. Fresh new freestyle!Don't let the name fool you!
  112. Freestyle Part 2......@ zacharys-east meadow, long island
  113. Dj KDM Presents: The FINAL FREESTYLE THROWDOWN, Summer 2009
  114. johnny o, arlene & hanson @ puerto rican day parade-nyc
  115. Party 105's Freestyle Explosion!!!!!!!
  116. from the blog of TIMMY T.......
  117. Judy Torres FOX NY Interview
  118. '80's Freestyle Mega Mix
  119. New Freestyle pics: Fascination, MKG, Saint, Wendy and more!!
  120. K7/TKA is PISSED @ THE FREESTYLE COMMUNITY!!!! there truly is no old school!
  121. Missin freestyle in Cleveland lol
  122. Now Available Exclusively On MySpace..
  124. La India In Nyc This Friday!!
  125. Lisa Lisa iTunes Exclusive... Produced by Clinton Sparks... "Can't Wait"!
  126. How Rare is This ???
  127. My thoughts on freestyle...
  128. FOR FUN: Freestyle's Girl-Groups
  129. freestyle records 12"s on craiglist!
  130. happy freestyle fathers day to everyone!
  131. Ktu Pulled A Scam!!!
  132. TONIGHT! (6-22) on Urban Latino Radio
  133. The Best Of T.K.A
  134. Happy Birthday To My Guido Honey
  135. Lisa Lisa dishes on "Life 'N Love"
  136. Expose live @ L.A. Gay Pride '09
  137. Freestyle Fridays @ The All New Lola Lounge
  138. Evolution of freestyle
  139. Lisa Lisa's All Cried Out Singing Contest-SACRAMENTO, CA
  140. organization of freestyle
  141. Michael Jackson Dies
  142. You can thank Michael Jackson for freestyle
  143. New Fever Release of Bad of the Heart
  144. SaFire 'Made Up My Mind' - Version with Cynthia & George
  145. Yolanda Milla
  146. New Nelly Furtado
  147. Freestyle File Radio Show-- Saturday 6/27 @ 7:45- w/ DJ Paradise & Nyasia LIVE--Mike
  148. vanessa conde video of telemundo
  149. Freestyle Extravaganza 6/27/09 Miami, Florida piiixxxx
  150. Freestyle Event of the Year, Plus New Pics!
  151. Lisa Lisa's Pop Power
  152. Lisa Lisa All Cried Out Video Contest
  153. Tonight 8pm Freestyle Songs You Don't Hear On Radio
  154. more freestyle influenced records
  155. another example of hip hop taking from freestyle
  156. Mannystylez responds
  157. New TUMAI RECORDINGS' official site...
  158. LISA LISA’S “80s Fashion Flare” PHOTO CONTEST
  159. Artists that play with a live band
  160. Long Island's Party 105's Mega Jam 2009!!!!!
  161. This Is For Our Fans
  162. Tka Knockout , You Be The Ref
  163. Keeping It Real ,don't Hate Listen & Learn A Post From Someone Else
  164. Lisa Lisa Appearances!!
  165. Arlene & Fascination at 46 Lounge Wed 7/8
  166. Safire concert pixxxx!!
  167. Freestyle Music Best Kept Secret
  168. Jordin Sparks - S.O.S. (Let the music play)
  169. LISA LISA: Interview & Contest
  170. Comment by Angel "The Original CoverGirl"
  171. Lets Stick To The Subject Please
  172. Looking to make some BANGIN' music. Any producers around?
  173. 'Distant Heart' & 'Just Waiting For You' Lyrics - What do you think is being said?
  174. Tybless Live With Benny Negro On The Benny Negro Internet Television Show
  175. Kayel of TKA/K7 live on Freestyle File Radio Show SaTurday, 7/11 @ 7pm LIVE !!!
  176. Remember this?
  177. Freestyle is ALIVE in the hearts & minds of people out there
  178. Jessica Fabus
  180. K7/TKA, Aby and Angel on Club House Dance Music
  181. New Freestyle pics of the classic group: Spirit Matter
  182. How Mainstream Our Music Really Is!!!!!
  183. My humble opinion...
  184. lisa lisa feels the beat with PEOPLE
  185. Check Out Tony G Music On Hitlab
  186. Check Out The Official Tony G Website
  187. Tony G. On Reverb Nation
  188. "Rock Da Party" New CD by TyBless..Listening Party Tomorrow @ Pop Lounge
  189. Update from SHEILA (Sweet Sensation)
  190. Judy Torres 2009 Graduation Speech
  191. New music from Ayna
  192. VANESSA CONDE LIVE on The DFK SHOW Sun July 19
  193. from the blog of GIGGLES......
  194. K7/tka & Shannon @ Glo-westbury, Ny Pix!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. Remix Contest!
  196. New GEORGE LAMOND !
  197. calling this genre freestyle
  198. Support Your Dj's!
  199. Latin R&B
  200. And the beat don't stop.....
  201. Djs are the front line of freestyle
  202. The bible on freestyle music
  203. Frankie Cutlass
  204. New Great Pics of the Freestyle Superstars!!
  205. Please Help Save Pulse 87!!!!!!
  206. Freestyle Music Best Kept Secret 9pm
  207. please say a prayer for Giggles brother......
  208. Marc Anthony buys a stake in the Miami Dolphins
  209. from the blog of lisa lisa......
  210. Example of talent and new type of music..
  211. Amerie "Why RU"
  212. Jordin Sparks - "LET THE MUSIC PLAY"
  213. Mysto & Pizzi -Somebody's Watching Me(GEICO) an inspiration to new school freestyle
  214. Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne - "Down" new freestyle
  215. TR Feat. Frenchie Davis "Give me tonight"
  216. Freestyle File Internet Radio Show w/ Paradise & Nyasia 7/25-special guest 2 co-host
  217. Interviewing Aby and Angel (My Thoughts!)
  218. Call it what you like
  219. Club House Dance Music K7 /TKA Interview
  220. Beat this
  221. Tony G sessions
  222. Tony G Will Not Be Performing At Boomerangs On July 31 Due To A Minor Car Accident
  223. freestyle SUMMERJAM PIX @ club destiny at orlando
  224. Hold on to your seats!! New Corina Pics!!
  225. New Freestyle Release !
  226. Tonight 9pm Freestyle Music Best Kept Secret
  227. Why Freestyle is no longer popular
  228. More freestyle seeems to never end !!
  229. Freestyle Fans-booking Agents-promoters-club Managers
  231. NICE & WILD Drama
  232. more oldschool freestyle pictures!
  233. Posers
  234. Trying to find out who sings a song...
  235. The Godfather of Latin Hip Hop AKA Freestyle
  236. Tonight 9pm Freestyle Music Best Kept Secret
  237. Miami Freestyle Fans!!! Check Out This Mega Show!!
  238. Hot August Lineup of Freestyle Acts!! & pics!
  239. An Open Apology to Kayel ( K7/TKA )
  240. The Erika Roman Memorial Foundation 1st Annual Celebrity Softball Game Fundraiser
  241. T.e.a.s.e.
  242. I can't believe I found it after all these years!
  243. Freestyle File Internet Radio Show w/Paradise & Nyasia 8/8-interview w/Peter Fontaine
  244. Bad of The Heart- I'm confused!
  245. Freestyle is alive and well in Orlandooo!
  246. Multi Edits
  247. tazmania's Club Octo August 2009 freestyle pixxxx!
  248. Freestyle Universe and New Freestyle Pics
  249. tony moran
  250. Dj James Anthony 2009 Multi-edit Megamix (94 Songs...1 Hour)