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August 19th, 2006, 06:53 AM
Twisted L.I. slaying
Chops up neighbor, takes head on ride: cops
A Long Island man killed and dismembered a neighbor, then drove around overnight with her head in his car before being nabbed yesterday, cops said.
Evan Marshall, 31, of 3 Willada Lane, Glen Cove, was charged with the murder of Denice Fox, 57, a retired schoolteacher who lived near him in the exclusive gated community of Cove Landing, less than a mile from the home of Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi.
"She was really a lovely person," said Sheila Bleier, of Portola Valley, Calif., whose daughter is married to the victim's actor son, Andre Fox. "What happened is disgusting."
Nassau County cops investigating the slaying quickly zeroed in on Marshall, who neighbors described as a "crazy" guy who shoveled snow in his shorts last winter and often banged on garbage cans.
The investigation began at 4:30 p.m. Thursday when cops received a frantic call from Fox's daughter, who had come across the crime scene at the family home on Willada Lane, a short stroll from Long Island Sound. There, they found a broken window and a bloody scene inside the residence, police said.
Cops canvassing the neighborhood knocked on the door of the home where Marshall lives with his mother, Jackie. She handed cops a cell phone, putting them in touch with an attorney who allowed them to search the Marshalls' house, said Detective Lt. Dennis Farrell.
"In the basement, they discovered a grisly scene," Farrell said. "She had been dismembered," and body parts filled numerous garbage pails, he said.
The victim had been cut apart with two large carving knives, Farrell said, adding, "We have recovered weapons of that type." Police searched for the killer through the night, but shortly after 8:30 a.m. yesterday, he drove his 1990 Toyota to his home and identified himself to cops.
They arrested him after finding Fox's head in the trunk. Police said Marshall "intentionally" ran over a woman walking nearby early yesterday. She was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening.
Police believe the families of the killer and the victim did not know each other very well.
Police said Marshall had worked as a bedding salesman.
Farrell said detectives had not determined a motive for the killing. Marshall's criminal record includes one petty larceny and one DWI charge, Farrell said.
Kevin Heenan, 40, who once lived across the street from Marshall on another Glen Cove block, said the suspect was known for "crazy antics."
"Mostly what he did was screaming, yelling, throwing garbage cans and banging on drums," he said. With Ethan Sacks

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Glen Cove man charged with grisly murder (,0,2500903.story?coll=ny-li-bigpix)

Neighbor of victim is accused of killing woman and then dragging body across the street to his mother's house.

August 20th, 2006, 09:38 AM
Classmates shocked

STAFF WRITER; Staff writer Shomial Ahmad contributed to this story.

August 20, 2006

In his freshman yearbook photo, Evan Marshall was cherub-faced and wore a necktie. The glasses came his sophomore year, then were gone again by junior year. By his senior year, he sported a mohawk - a trend common among his fellow football players on the Manhasset High School Indians team that year.

Some details of the man accused in the horrific killing of Denice Fox, 57, in Glen Cove - or at least who he once was - began to emerge yesterday from high-school yearbook entries and interviews with acquaintances.

Marshall played football and baseball. He was voted one of the two "most gullible" students in his class. He served on the class council. And he was quiet, a friend said.

"Am I utterly shocked? Absolutely. He was definitely a little quiet, but he was in my group of friends and it's just crazy to think that he could do something like that," said classmate Diana Resetar, 31, now of Denver.

The freckled, curly-haired youth attended Shelter Rock Elementary School and Manhasset Middle School before moving on to Manhasset High School.

Marshall had many male friends but did not date much, Resetar said.

"I would say he had a good group of guy friends, and we did everything together - all the things high school students do," she said, including attending parties. "He definitely was a little different."

Resetar described him as pensive and shy.

He hung out mostly with the school's athletes and played drums in a band during high school.

While in elementary school, he attended religious classes at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church every Thursday after school.

After graduation, Resetar said, she would see Marshall at local bars.

Recently, some friends attended the wedding of Steven Guidi, one of Marshall's closest friends. Resetar said friends had spoken with Marshall, and he seemed just fine at the time.

A handful of other former classmates and acquaintances, clearly stunned by the arrest, shied away from speaking about Marshall when contacted yesterday.

Staff writer Shomial Ahmad contributed to this story.
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August 22nd, 2006, 06:52 AM
Go to videotape

Investigators to view porn tapes belonging to Glen Cove murder suspect to get a sense of his state of mind

Newsday Staff Writer

August 22, 2006

Nassau police investigators plan to pore over hours of pornographic VHS tapes once stashed in Evan B. Marshall's closet to delve further into the psyche of an accused psychosexual killer arrested after the decapitation death of his neighbor.

Officers seized numerous boxes containing the tapes from 3 Willada Lane in Glen Cove, where Marshall, 31, lived in his mother's basement. The tapes were in Marshall's "neatly arranged" closet dedicated to the storage of the tapes, sadomasochistic paraphernalia and sex toys, police said.

The tapes are of special interest to investigators, who are looking for more clues and who stand to learn more about Marshall, a bedding salesman, said Sgt. Dennis Barry of Nassau's Homicide Squad.

"Hopefully, it will help us glean some motive," Barry said. "Experience has shown in the past that these individuals will sometimes tape home videos over the movies."

Barry added, "In the midst of [investigators] watching the tapes, they find ... [suspects] will also tape themselves doing things."

Marshall was arrested Friday on a second-degree murder charge in the slaying of Denice Fox, 57, a retired New York City special education teacher.

Police said Marshall, who investigators said never came in contact with Fox before her death, dismembered her with two large carving knives.

Most of Fox's remains were pulled from garbage pails in the basement of the home of Marshall's mother, Jacqueline, who lives two houses away from Fox.

Fox's head was found in a car driven by Evan Marshall.

Jacqueline Marshall has refused to speak to investigators since her son's arrest.

Evan Marshall remained in protective custody yesterday at the Nassau County jail in East Meadow. He was placed on suicide watch after a psychiatric evaluation.

Investigators have yet to receive a copy of that evaluation, Barry said.

By late yesterday, investigators hadn't yet viewed the tapes, which appeared to have professional labeling.

He declined to discuss the titles of the movies.

Gregg McCrary, a former FBI profiler, said scanning the tapes of an accused psychosexual killer could turn up fascinating clues.

"It's not uncommon for them to tape their own crimes," MCrary said. "It's a way they think of hiding it."

In addition to the tapes, officers also confiscated mannequins, sex toys and pornographic magazines from the closet, police said.

"If you opened that door, you couldn't miss it," Barry said. "This was a closet specifically dedicated to this material. There was nothing in the closet but this stuff."

Marshall's mother couldn't be reached at her home yesterday. Fox's husband, Jay Fox, who neighbors said was an accountant, couldn't be reached for comment. The couple have two children and recently moved there, a neighbor said.

Neighbors also said they haven't seen Jacqueline Marshall or any of Fox's relatives since the cul-de-sac was filled with police cars after the grisly basement discovery last week.

August 22nd, 2006, 06:53 AM
Investigators to view porn tapes belonging to Glen Cove murder suspect to get a sense of his state of mind

Newsday Staff Writer

August 22, 2006

It all began Thursday afternoon when Fox's daughter called the Glen Cove Police Department to report her mother missing. She told police she found a pool of blood on the vestibule floor and a broken back window.

Police later found body parts in the Marshall home after Jacqueline Marshall gave them permission to search it. Evan Marshall was arrested when he came home Friday morning.

Since the killing, Barry said he sent out word to police departments in other states where Marshall used to live to see whether similar crimes had been committed.

Police said Marshall's father lives in California and he has a grandmother in Florida.

Marshall is also facing charges in a hit-and-run crash that occurred about 30 minutes before the killing, police said. He was driving a blue Toyota Corolla when he struck Cindy Kouril, 48, of Glen Cove, as she walked near her home at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, police said.

Police dusted the hood of the car for fingerprints after Kouril told them she slammed her hand on it in the crash. Barry said the killing and the hit-and-run case were unrelated.


The more the victims scream and the more they beg for mercy, the more euphoric it feels for a psychosexual killer, experts said.

"It's the suffering of the victim that is important," said former FBI profiler Gregg McCrary, author of "The Unknown Darkness: Profiling the Predators Among Us."

"They want them to plead and beg for their life," McCrary said. "That's really what it's all about for them."

Nassau police described Evan B. Marshall, 31, of Glen Cove as a psychosexual killer after they said he decapitated and dismembered his neighbor Denice Fox, 57. Marshall was arrested and charged Friday with second-degree murder.

N.G. Berrill, a forensic psychologist and director of the New York Center for Neuropsychology and Forensic Behavioral Science, said there are two types of psychosexual killers: those who commit repeated killings to satisfy sexual cravings and those who have a mental illness and may commit such a crime only once.

"The sadist has power issues. He savors the moment. They are individuals who enjoy frightening and torturing individuals," said Berrill, who evaluated serial killer Joel Rifkin of East Meadow, who confessed to killing 17 women.

"The psychotics are different," Berrill added. He said they are driven to hurt or kill by a delusional belief.