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February 15th, 2007, 01:07 PM
New Shirts and Stickers - Now Available!
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Greetings, humans.
Have you noticed there's an empty place in your life that can only be filled by spankin' new InSoc Paraphernalia?

We can help you with that.

New SHIRTS and STICKERS are available in the INSOC SHOP (

The SHIRTS - which come in an absolutely mind-boggling array of sizes (M, L, XL) - are made of black cotton and feature the blue, glowing Information Society logo, "INFORMATION SOCIETY" across the shoulders, and "IS USELESS TO RESIST US" on the right sleeve, also in electric blue. And petite ladies (and guys!) out there - the Medium will probably fit you just fine!

The STICKERS are 4.75in (approximately 12cm) square, featuring the blue glowing Information Society logo on black. Perfect for cars, computers, guitars, roommates, Christmas decorations... We cannot guarantee that having one of these will help you get a girlfriend but it can't hurt. After all, what good is a record, if you don't have a girlfriend (!

Visit the INSOC SHOP ( to satisfy all your InSoc-related shopping urges.

February 25th, 2007, 08:44 PM
So, am I right....Kurt Harland is not with them...its another guy right? The website doesn't really say, atleast from what I read. Clarity please!