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April 30th, 2006, 08:56 AM
Lucas WILL release all the films in a special boxset which is set to released in November this year although rumours state it may be pushed back until May 2006. He will also release a Prequel boxset seperatly for those who already have the original trilogy boxset. The biggest news is however that many more changes HAVE been made to the films (mainly episodes IV-VI).

Below is the details for every disk being released in the boxset containing all the films.

New Digital and Audio transfer
The Changes:-
1. Some of Jar Jar Binks's lines have been removed and changed

2. Improved CGI backgrounds in certain scenes

3. Yoda's facial expressions are now mostly CGI (Body still puppet)

4. Darth Sidious digitally shadowed so his face is more hidden

Running Time Before: 133mins New Running Time: 131mins

Slightly altered audio commentary
Deleted Scenes
Original Theatrical Trailers
TV Spots
Duel Of The Fates Music Video Featuring John Williams
Collection of Photographs of Cast,Crew & Production

New Digital and Audio transfer
The Changes:-
1. The Jedi Raid on the Droid Control ship has been completed and added to the film (orginal scene filmed during episode II, additional footage shot during episode III)

2. The noises Yoda makes while fighting Dooko have been changed

3. One of C-3PO's lines has been changed and another one has been removed

4. Darth Sidious digitally shadowed so his face is more hidden

5. When Mace Windu shows up on Genosis, the shots showing him slowly walk up to Dooku and Jango is cut.

6. A short scene has been added where Anakin talks with Owen Lars (filmed during episode II)

Running Time Before: 142mins New Running Time: 145mins

Slightly longer audio commentary (beacuse film will be slighly longer)
Deleted Scenes
Theatrical Teasers
Launch Trailer
TV Spots
Collection of Photographs of Cast,Crew & Production

The Additions:
1. A scene has been added where Yoda explains to Obi-Wan who erased Kamino from the Jedi files and that he is going to await contact on the planet Dagabah (filmed during episode III)

2. An extended battle on Kassakk which shows more battling & Yoda and Chewbacca fighting (filmed during episode III)

3. The Dooko Vs Anakin & Obi-Wan duel is slighly longer (filmed during episode III)

Running Time Before: 140mins New Running Time: 144mins

Audio commentary
Deleted Scenes
Theatrical Trailers
TV Spots
John Williams Music Video
Collection of Photographs of Cast,Crew & Production

April 30th, 2006, 08:57 AM
'From Dreams to Reality' (in depth making of the Prequel Trilogy including interviews with George Lucas, Rick Macallum, John Williams, Ewan Mc Gregor, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christian, Samuel L. Jackson, Frank Oz, Anthony Daniels & Christopher Lee) It runs at about 2hrs 40mins

Preview of 'Clone Wars 3D' television series

Blooper Reel (over 6 & a half mins)

'Extending the Saga' (an in-depth look at how the Lucas's orginal plot for Star Wars has changed)

'CGI'ing the Movies' (an in-depth look at how CGI has had a dramatic effect on the Prequel Trilogy)

'Saber Fights' (A documentary regarding all the lightsaber fights in the Prequel Trilogy. Presented by Nick Gillard)

R2-D2: Beneath the Dome

44 Web-Docs chronicling the making of the Prequel Trilogy: 12 from Episode I, 12 from Episode II and 20 from Episode III

Exclusive DVD-ROM Content

New Digital and Audio transfer
The Changes:-
1. The 'Imperial March' music has been added to Vader's first appearence

2. When Obi-Wan is talking to Luke about his father Anakin’s theme music can heard in the background and when Obi-Wan starts talking about Vader it changes to the Imperial March

3. Luke’s lightasber is blue throughout the film

4. In several scenes where creatures are seen (e.g. The Cantina) some have been replaced by creatures seen in the prequels

5. The bleeding arm Obi-Wan slices off a creature in the Cantina does not have blood seen on it

6. Just before the Death Star destroys Alderaan there is a new scene added where different places on the planet can be seen along with Bail Organa. Shots include Bail being warned of the Death Star, the destrution on the planet which includes massive earthquakes, fire and peopele frantically trying to escape, you see Bail looking up into the blackend sky before the planet totally blows up (filmed during episode III)

7. The Death Star’s computers and screens have been improved

8. The opening text crawl's last paragraph has changed slightly. The line 'headed by Governor Tarkin and the evil sith lord Darth Vader' has been added into it.

9. Luke looks upset when Biggs dies and he sheds a tear (all CGI & PRT)

10. The duel between Vader & Obi-Wan is roughly a minute longer as there are more shots of the lightsabers clashing and them moving about (done using CGI, PRT & Stuntmen playing Vader & Obi-Wan). Music has been added to the scene as well (deatails unknown yet)

11. Just before the medal ceromony at the end, a scene has been added where Vader lands his damaged ship on Coruscant to meet Palpatine. They discuss the destruction of the Death Star, Obi-Wan, & finding the Rebels (filmed during Episode III)

12. Vader's mask eyes remain black throughout the film and his suit is shinier.

13. John Williams has rescored the music for some of the scenes (details unknown yet apart from changes 1 & 2 in this list)

14. a shot of a Rebel ship crashing into Death Star has been removed and replaced with better effects

15. The 20th Century Fox Fanfare & Logo have been updated

16. The end credits have been updated

Running Time Before: 125mins New Running Time: 130mins

Alterd Audio Commentary (because of changes)
'A Completed Saga' (interview with George Lucas about the new changes to A New Hope, why he made them and comparing them to the previous versions)
Deleted Scenes
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spots
Collection of Photographs of Cast,Crew & Production

New Digital and Audio transfer
The Changes:-
1. Some shots where Taun-taun’s can be seen have been changed so the Tuan-tuan’s have more movement and look more realistic

2. While the battle of Hoth is going on Imperial ships land near the Rebel base and a few more shots of ships flying and being destroyed have been added

3. Some of the views of Bespin (for example the background where Luke is holding on to the metal poles beneath a building) have been improved to look more realistic and ships can be seen flying around in the distance

4. A scene has been added where Yoda is teaching Luke how to fight with a lightasber made possible by Luke wearing a helmet while training (a stunt double plays him, Mark Hamill provides the voice although it is digitaly dubbed)

5. The Wampa scenes have been edited and restored into the film as well as new scenes added. We see a Wampa being brought into the Rebel base and locked into a room with other Wampa’s. Later C-3PO rips the sign off the door the Wampa’s are behind stating their there and when the Stormtroopers enter the base they open the door only to be attacked by the Wampa’s who then can be seen escaping as the Millennium Falcon blasts off out of Hoth

6. Lightsaber effects improved

7. The sound of Luke’s lightasber turning off as he exits the cave has been removed

8. Some of Yoda's facial expressions have been improved with CGI

9. John Williams has rescored the music for some of the scenes (details unknown yet)

10. There is a line added and one changed in the hologram scene (details unknown yet)

11. The landscape of Dagobah through the fog has been extended using CGI.

12. In the opening text crawl the words “The evil lord Darth Vader” has changed to “The evil Sith Lord Darth Vader”

13. The line Vader says 'Set your course for the Hoth system, I am sure Skywalker is with them' has been changed to 'Set your course for the Hoth system, the rebels have no escape this time'

14. The 20th Century Fox Fanfare & Logo have been updated

15. The end credits have been updated

Running Time Before: 129mins New Running Time: 134mins

Alterd Audio Commentary (because of changes)
'A Completed Saga' (interview with George Lucas about the new changes to The Empire Strikes Back, why he made them and comparing them to the previous versions)
Theatrical Trailers
TV Spots
Collection of Photographs of Cast,Crew & Production

New Digital and Audio transfer
The Changes:
1. In the battle on Endor more Ewoks and Stormtroopers can be seen fighting and dieing and some parts of the battle have been edited out, members of Han’s team can be seen fighting as well (these scenes were shot during the production of Episode I, 7 years ago)

2. Vader uses the force to reclaim his lightasber after he throws it at Luke and the sound of him turning it on again has been removed

3. The lightasber duel between Luke and Vader is slightly longer (just more shots of clashing lightsabers)

4. The lightsaber effects have been improved

5. Vader has a flashback of Padme after his talk with Luke when he first meets him on Endor (filmed during Episode III)

6. Kassykk & Utapau have been added to the end celebration scenes

7. Some of Yoda's facial expressions have been improved beacuse of CGI

8. Boba Fett's scream has been changed

9. Chewbacca's Tarzan call has been removed and replaced with a different sound

10. John Williams has rescored the music for some of the scenes (details unknown yet)

11. Some of the battle shots have been cut and replaced with longer improved ones

12. Some shots with Ewoks are now partially CG (mainly facial expressions)

13. The 20th Century Fox Fanfare & Logo have been updated

14. The end credits have been updated

Running Time Before: 135mins New Running Time: 138mins

Alterd Audio Commentary (because of changes)
'A Completed Saga' (interview with George Lucas about the new changes to Return of the Jedi, why he made them and comparing them to the previous versions)
Theatrical Trailers
TV Spots
Deleted Scenes
Collection of Photographs of Cast,Crew & Production

April 30th, 2006, 08:57 AM
'Empire of Dreams' (in depth making of the 0rginal Trilogy documentary that traces the evolution of Star Wars from a low-budget, labour-of-love space saga to a movie phenomenon that defied the odds and reinvented the rules. At its core, Empire of Dreams tells the story of an independent filmmaker who had to innovate and invent an entirely new way of creating motion pictures. Featuring all-new interviews with George Lucas and more than 40 members of the cast and crew from all three films, Empire of Dreams also includes appearances by a host of filmmakers and media personalities, along with never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the three films. This new documentary brings viewers the most comprehensive look at a pioneer who triumphed against the odds to create an enduring modern fairy tale that has captivated the world) It runs at about 2hrs 30mins

Blooper Reel (over 7 mins)

'The Birth of the Lightsaber' (Its unforgettable hum and scintillating glow are instantly recognizable around the world, and now viewers will discover the origins of this elegant weapon from a more civilized age. This documentary, devoted to the lightsaber, features insight from George Lucas, cast and crew into the history of the iconic laser sword. It showcases the genesis of the lightsaber stunt and special-effects work and illustrates how each film in the Star Wars saga has surpassed the previous one with spectacular action set pieces featuring the Jedi's most trusted weapon)

'The Characters of Star Wars' (An in-depth look at how favourite characters came to be, featuring rare concept art, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with George Lucas and the cast and crew who shaped the screen's favorite heroes--Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO--and the greatest villain of all, Darth Vader)

'The Force Is With Them: 'The Legacy of Star Wars' (Star Wars opened up a galaxy of possibilities to a generation of filmmakers and creative talents. Viewers will hear first-hand from some of the most notable filmmakers of our time about how influential the Star Wars movies have been to their lives)

‘Inspiration to an epic' (A look at the many inspirations George Lucas had to create the world of 'Star Wars')

Saga Trailer (A Trailer for the entire whole Saga)

15 Featureless: 4 from Episode IV chronicling storyline, design, costumes and visual effects, 5 from Episode v chronicling storyline, action scenes, fight sequences, darkness and love story,6 from Episode VI chronicling storyline, design, action scenes, ending the saga, visual effects and fight sequences

Exclusive DVD-ROM Content

Update Additional

Here are some of the rumored changes to be made in the OT for the DVD releases. This is from a post on a local 501st garrison website,

If this is true.....

This is the latest from the John Byrne message boards...

John Byrne is one of the guys who produced most of the spoilage for EPII.

He's pretty reliable.


Episode IV: A New Hope
01. The Imperial March has been added to Darth Vader's first appearance on Princess Leia's ship.
02. When Obi-Wan is talking to Luke about his father Anakin's Theme plays in the background and then it turns into the Imperial March as he talks about Vader.
03. The lightsaber effects have been redone and the frame jumps of lightsabers being turned on has been removed.
04. There's a new scene which has been shot during the filming of Episode III in which the Emperor dissolves the Senate.
05. In the Cantina, the Duros(green aliens guys) have been replaced with Neimoidians and some aliens from the prequels have been added.
06. The bleeding arm on the floor in the Cantina has been replaced with a non-bleeding arm because it's now canon that lightsabers cauterize wounds.
07. The original shooting scene between Han and Greedo has been restored.
08. Jabba the Hutt has been given a makeover and Han no longer steps on his tail.
09. In place of R2 wobbling down the stairs to the Falcon's hangar, a CG R2 navigating the stairs like he does in Attack of the Clones was added.
10. The white boxes around space ships have been removed and new CG shots have been added.
11. The scene of the Falcon being chased by the two Star Destroyers was modified. The Falcon now does spinning moves, avoiding the Star Destroyers' fire.
12. When the Death Star destroys Alderaan there's a new scene of Yoda's reaction to the disturbance in the Force that is created by all those deaths and then it cuts to Obi-Wan reacting to it as well.
13. The Dianoga has gotten a CG makeover and were are now able to see more of the creature.
14. The Death Star's paneling and computers have been slightly altered to show similar displays to those in the prequels.
15. The words "Tractor Beam" with Aurebesh lettering.
16. More stormtroopers have been added to the Death Star.
17. Temuera Morrison's voice is being recorded for use with all the stormtroopers.
18. The Obi-Wan/Vader duel has been spruced up. It is much more epic and there is much more movement. A modified version of Duel of the Fates is being considered for the scene.
19. The Death Star plans that are taken from R2 have been updated. When the Rebels are reviewing the Death Star plans they look similar to the plans we see in Attack of the Clones.
20. The Death Star battle is much more epic with more Tie Fighters and more Rebels being blown to bits. We get to see old Naboo starfighters being used by the Rebels.
21. There's a new scene(shot during Episode III) where Darth Vader goes to Coruscant and lands his ship in the same building Count Dooku does at the end of Attack of the Clones. Except now the building is all fixed up and it is now Palpatine's palace. He meets with Palpatine to ask for forgiveness for his failure and inform him of a new potential who is strong in the Force.
22. Chewbacca now gets a medal.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
01. The taun-tauns are now CG.
02. The battle of Hoth is much more epic. We see the Imperial ships land on Hoth and release AT-ATs. The AT-ATs have been sped up a bit. There's a ground battle between the Rebel soldiers and stormtroopers featuring new ships and vehicles.
03. Temuera Morrison's voice is being recorded for the older Boba Fett and all the stormtroopers.
04. The white boxes around space ships have been removed.
05. The slug monster is CG.
06. Ian McDiarmid has refilmed scenes as the Emperor. The conversations between Vader and Palpatine is now longer and features a few connections to the prequels.
07. Yoda's face is now animated in CG allowing more _ex-pression of emotions yet his movements remain the same. Also two deleted scenes featuring Yoda instructing Luke have been restored.
08. A new scene was shot in which the stormtroopers, after they capture Han, Leia and Chewie, bring Vader the box containing C-3PO in pieces. Vader orders the stormtroopers to bring the broken droid to Chewbacca's cell so that he can fix him.
09. The lightsaber effects have been redone in certain parts.
10. Luke's fall from Cloud City has been reshot against bluescreen using a stuntman.

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
01. Jabba the Hutt is now a combination of the puppet and CG.
02. The Rancor is CG and looks disgusting as ever.
03. Yoda is CG. Yoda disappears leaving his clothes behind like Obi-Wan now.
04. The ewoks are now mostly CG and there are a lot more of them.
05. The plan is to insert the love theme Across the Stars when Luke is talking with Leia about their mother.
06. Temuera Morrison's like before is now the voice for Boba Fett and all the stormtroopers.
07. In the battle of Endor there are thousands of Ewoks and they are more vicious than there midgets-in-suits counterparts. More bite the dust now.
08. White boxes around ships removed.
09. The black blotches around Palpatine's face are gone.
10. Some of the lightsaber effects have been redone. The shadows that the lightsabers made on the floor are gone.
11. During Anakin's death scene it starts with a sad rendition of the Imperial March and slowly evolves into Anakin's Theme.
12. Sebastion Shaw who played Anakin when he was unmasked has been replaced with Hayden Christenson in make-up to make him look older. Anakin has much more dialogue. He apologizes for the destruction he caused, he thanks his son for turning him back to the light, he tells his son to rebuild the Jedi and he says he loves him and his sister. Just before he dies he says, "It is finished...".
13. We see more planets celebrating at the end of the movie. We see an aged Jar Jar, who is now the leader of the Gungans, on Naboo celebrating with the people of Naboo and the Gungans. We see an old Watto, who is now unable to fly, sitting in a hover chair cheering on Tatooine. During these scenes Across the Stars plays transitioning to the victory celebration music at the Ewok tree village.
14. Anakin's spirit is now played by Hayden Christenson with make-up to make him look his age. He looks on proudly at his son Luke with the spirit of Padme by his side.

May 4th, 2006, 05:54 AM
This September: Original Unaltered Trilogy on DVD
May 03, 2006 (javascript:popExpanded('episode-iv', '/episode-iv/release/video/img/20060503_2_bg.jpg')) Fans can look forward to a September filled with classic Star Wars nostalgia, led by the premiere of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy video game and the long-awaited DVD release of the original theatrical incarnations of the classic Star Wars trilogy.
In response to overwhelming demand, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release attractively priced individual two-disc releases of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Each release includes the 2004 digitally remastered version of the movie and, as bonus material, the theatrical edition of the film. That means you'll be able to enjoy Star Wars as it first appeared in 1977, Empire in 1980, and Jedi in 1983. (javascript:popExpanded('episode-iv', '/episode-iv/release/video/img/20060503_1_bg.jpg')) This release will only be available for a limited time: from September 12th to December 31st. International release will follow on or about the same day. Each original theatrical version will feature Dolby 2.0 Surround sound, close-captioning, and subtitles in English, French and Spanish for their U.S. release. International sound and subtitling vary by territory. "Over the years, a truly countless number of fans have told us that they would love to see and own the original version that they remember experiencing in theaters," said Jim Ward, President of LucasArts and Senior Vice President of Lucasfilm Ltd. "We returned to the Lucasfilm Archives to search exhaustively for source material that could be presented on DVD. This is something that we're very excited to be able to give to fans in response to their continuing enthusiasm for Star Wars. Topping it off with a new interactive adventure makes September 12 a red-letter day for Star Wars fans."