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Thumbs down The New "BEATLOCK" feature

So what do you real DJ's think about this new beatlock feature where some moron can press a button and lock his beat ??

Just a quick backround on myself. Started in the 1980's with 2 belt driven turntables - one of which didn't even have a pitch control. I was more or less forced to learn how to finger pitch and use other methods to get in and out of songs.
Hey , that is the way one learns real skills.
When I finally got some tech 1200's , I was in heaven !!!

My friend who also started out the old hardcore way and is a wonder on the turn tables just recently puchased two Numark CD tables. They are the same size and look like regular tables. I read up on them and they got horrible reviews. My friend says they are awesome but these little fake ass DJ's don't like them because the beatlock feature doesn't work well at all. I accept that CD's are valid these days and give the same respect as vinyl because the DJ must mix on them like he would a real turn table - set the pitch , throw it on beat etc. The bad reviews are from fakes that really can't mix to begin with.
In other words they can't mix and really want the equipment to do the work for them therefore they prefer the more expensive Pioneer CD table set because basically you press a button and the thing just speeds up or slows down on its own and locks the beat in for you. I don't have much respect for people who "need" this feature in order to mix. If a DJ needs to do this , fuck it , they might as well just automate the whole thing and let a couple of hard drives play the music while the DJ goes home and takes a nap for a few hours.

You know , I know times change but this just ain't right ....
With some of this new technology , the whole proffesion of DJ'ing is being corrupted by people who can't even put two similar beats together on their own straight up...

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