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Re: organization of freestyle

As far as the clubs dragging on the actual performances, many times the clubs view it as most of the people in attendance will leave right after the show and clubs make a lot of money off alcohol sales.

Often times, there will be people in attendance who aren't there for freestyle in particular (many of these are clubs that have a regular crowd as it is--just that night a freestyle artist happens to be performing). That might explain the non-freestyle music on freestyle night.

Freestyle shows at clubs usually have anything from peeps in their young 20s to late 40s and beyond in attendance so it's catering to peeps who want to get drunk and party, not go home early. Often times, half the crowd isn't even paying attention to the performance(s). That's why theatre/arena shows are better (everyone there is there for the performances).

And of course, the biggest problem is that the music and/or artists need to be updated in some aspect. If it has to be the same performers it's been this entire time for the last few decades, then they should have some new songs that cater to the crowds they are performing for. But keeping it totally real, the problem is that there's nothing new (new artists) as to make something new actually work out would be difficult and for the most part, all that's left here in the freestyle game is peeps looking to juice whatever they can still from an era where things were more innovative, fresh, and original--and promoters were looking to run their productions as "going concerns" and it was about building upwards rather than the salvage operation things have been for a while now.

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