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Old November 2nd, 2008, 12:10 PM
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My Freestyle mp3 list

if anyone needs. here is a list of freestyle mp3's i have they are the extended club mix versions direct off the lp. they are high quality 320kbps
4 Letter Word.mp3
A Broken Promise.mp3
A Day In My Life.mp3
A Distant Memory.mp3
A Little Bit Of Ecstacy.mp3
A Little Bit Of Love.mp3
After The Loving.mp3
Alabyes (92).mp3
All & All (uk Remix).mp3
All & All.mp3
All Alone.mp3
All Broken Hearted.mp3
All I Do Is Cry.mp3
All Night.mp3
All Of Me.mp3
All Tha Glitters Isn't Gold.mp3
All Your Gonna Do Is Dance.mp3
Alone Again.mp3
Alone At Last.mp3
Alone In The Night.mp3
Alright Alright.mp3
Always Beside Me.mp3
Am I Gonna Be The One.mp3
Am I The One For You.mp3
Another Night.mp3
Another Side Of The Story.mp3
Answer My Cry.mp3
Arabian Nights (rmx).mp3
Arabian Nights.mp3
Are You Looking For Love.mp3
Baby Baby.mp3
Baby Be Mine.mp3
Baby Can't You See.mp3
Baby Come Back To Me.mp3
Baby Don't Go.mp3
Baby I Love You (94).mp3
Baby I Love You So.mp3
Baby It's You.mp3
Baby You Are The One.mp3
Back In Time.mp3
Bad Of The Heart- 1990 Club Mix.mp3
Bad Of The Heart- Club Mix.mp3
Bad Of The Heart- Instumental House Mix.mp3
Bad Of The Heart- Radio Edit.mp3
Bad Of The Heart-acapella.mp3
Bad Of The Heart-dope Mix.mp3
Bad Of The Heart.mp3
Band Of Gold.mp3
Bass How Low Can You Go.mp3
Be Gentle With Me Heart.mp3
Be Mine Tonight.mp3
Be Mine.mp3
Be My Baby.mp3
Be My Baby1.mp3
Be Sure.mp3
Beating Of My Heart.mp3
Because Of You.mp3
Beginning Of The End.mp3
Believe In Me.mp3
Big Love.mp3
Bingo Bango.mp3
Body Rock.mp3
Boy I've Been Told.mp3
Boy Iv'e Been Told-2 In A Room Dub.mp3
Boy Iv'e Been Told-club Mix.mp3
Boy Iv'e Been Told-rascal Dub.mp3
Boy Iv'e Been Told-remix.mp3
Brand New Love.mp3
Breakfast In Bed.mp3
Bring Back The Lover.mp3
Bring Back Your Love.mp3
Bring Me Back.mp3
Broken Dreams.mp3
Broken Promises.mp3
Broken Promises1.mp3
C'mon Lover.mp3
Call On Me.mp3
Calling On Your Love.mp3
Can Anybody Tell Me.mp3
Can We Find A Way.mp3
Can You Stand The Rain.mp3
Can't Get Enough.mp3
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind.mp3
Can't Let You Go.mp3
Can't Stop The Beat.mp3
Can't Take These Lies.mp3
Can't Wait.mp3
Can't We Try.mp3
Can't You See It.mp3
Cant Let You Go-Extended Mix.mp3
Cant Let You Go-House Mix.mp3
Cant Let You Go-Percapella.mp3
Cant Let You Go-Radio.mp3
Cant Let You Go-TNT Beats.mp3
Catch & Kiss.mp3
Catch Me I'm Falling.mp3
Catch Me Now.mp3
Change Of Heart.mp3
Change On Me-club Mix.mp3
Change On Me-house Dubmix.mp3
Change On Me-house Version.mp3
Change On Me-nuwave Mix.mp3
Change On Me-percapella.mp3
Change On Me-radio Edit.mp3
Change On Me.mp3
City Streets.mp3
Clave Rocks.mp3
Close My Eyes.mp3
Close Your Eyes.mp3
Come Back To Me Baby.mp3
Come Back To Me.mp3
Come Back To Me1.mp3
Come Get My Love.mp3
Come Get Your Love.mp3
Come Go With Me.mp3
Come Into My Arms.mp3
Come Into My Arms1.mp3
Come On To Me.mp3
Come To Me.mp3
Come To Me1.mp3
Come With Me.mp3
Come With Me1.mp3
Como Tu Te Llama.mp3
Could It Last Forever.mp3
Counting The Days.mp3
Crimes Of Love.mp3
Crimes Of Passion.mp3
Cross My Heart.mp3
Cross My Heart1.mp3
Cruel Lovin'.mp3
Cry A Million Tears.mp3
Cry For Love.mp3
Crying From A Broken Heart.mp3
Crying Over You.mp3
Cutting Session 1.mp3
Cutting Session 2.mp3

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Old November 2nd, 2008, 12:11 PM
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

Dance With Me.mp3
Dance With Me1.mp3
Dancing On The Fire.mp3
Dark Of The Night.mp3
Days Gone By.mp3
Deja Vu.mp3
Destiny (2).mp3
Devil In My Heart.mp3
Did It Feel Like Love.mp3
Died In Your Arms.mp3
Dimond Girl.mp3
Dirty Dancing.mp3
Disorderly Conduct.mp3
Distant Emotions.mp3
Distant Heart.mp3
Dj Ayres Fader Freestyle Mix.mp3
Do Or Die.mp3
Do Unto Me.mp3
Do You Believe In Me.mp3
Do You Dream.mp3
Do You Miss Me.mp3
Do You Remember.mp3
Do You Wanna Dance.mp3
Don't Be Afraid.mp3
Don't Break My Heart.mp3
Don't Ever Go Away.mp3
Don't Ever Want Me To Lose Your_.mp3
Don't Go Away.mp3
Don't Go Away1.mp3
Don't Go.mp3
Don't Hold Out On Me.mp3
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.mp3
Don't Let Me Go.mp3
Don't Look Back.mp3
Don't Make Me Promises.mp3
Don't Rush Me.mp3
Don't Say Goodbye.mp3
Don't Stop Loving Me.mp3
Don't Stop Now.mp3
Don't Stop The Rock.mp3
Don't Take Your Love Away.mp3
Don't Take Your Love.mp3
Don't Tell Me.mp3
Don't Try To Come Back To Me.mp3
Don't Turn Our Love Away.mp3
Don't Turn Your Back On Me.mp3
Don't Turn Your Back On Me1.mp3
Don't Want To Lose Your Love.mp3
Don't Waste My Time (2).mp3
Don't Waste My Time.mp3
Don't You Leave Me.mp3
Don't You Think It's Time.mp3
Don't You Wanna Rock.mp3
Dream In The Night.mp3
Dreamin-manhattan Mix.mp3
Dreamin-new Mix.mp3
Dreaming Of Love.mp3
Dreaming Of Making Love.mp3
Dreams (2).mp3
Dreams In The Night.mp3
Dreams Of Santa Anna.mp3
Drums Of Love.mp3
Dum Dum Cry.mp3
Emotional Pain.mp3
End Of The Game.mp3
Endless Night-brassapela.mp3
Endless Night-clubhouse Mix.mp3
Endless Night-endless Dub Mix.mp3
Endless Night-house Mix.mp3
Endless Night-percapella.mp3
Endless Night-radio.mp3
Endless Night.mp3
Every Little Lie.mp3
Every Night.mp3
Everything I Own.mp3
Everytime I Look At You.mp3
Expose To Love.mp3
Express Your Feelings.mp3
Faded Destiny.mp3
Fading Away.mp3
Fallen Angel (2).mp3
Fallen Angel (3).mp3
Fallen Angel.mp3
Falling In Love.mp3
Falling Slowly.mp3
False Love.mp3
Fantasy (2).mp3
Fantasy Girl.mp3
Fantasy Love.mp3
Fatal Attraction.mp3
Feel It In My Heart.mp3
Feels Like The First Time.mp3
Feels Like The First Time1(1).mp3
Find Another Puppet.mp3
Find Yourself.mp3
Fire To Ice.mp3
First True Love.mp3
Fly Tetas.mp3
Foolish Pride.mp3
For Always Mine.mp3
For Always.mp3
For The First Time.mp3
For Tonight.mp3
Forbidden Lover.mp3
Forever & A Day.mp3
Forever Amo'r.mp3
Forever Lasting Love.mp3
Forever Love.mp3
Forever Missing You.mp3
Forever Yours.mp3
Forgive Me Not.mp3
Forgive Me.mp3
Freestyle Jam.mp3
Friendly Advice.mp3
Full Circle.mp3
Funk Boutique.mp3
Funky Melody.mp3
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Old November 2nd, 2008, 12:11 PM
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

Games Of Love (2).mp3
Games Of Love.mp3
Games Of Love1.mp3
Gangster Of Love.mp3
Get Away.mp3
Get On It.mp3
Get The Hoe.mp3
Girl I Need You.mp3
Girl I'm Searching For You.mp3
Girl You Hear Me Crying.mp3
Girls Do It Just For Fun.mp3
Give A Little Love.mp3
Give Into Me (2).mp3
Give Into Me.mp3
Give Me Back My Heart.mp3
Give Me Your Heart.mp3
Give Me Your Love.mp3
Give Them What They Want.mp3
Give Your Love To Me (2).mp3
Give Your Love To Me.mp3
Give Your Love.mp3
Go Away.mp3
Gonna Make It.mp3
Good Things Come To Those Who Wa.mp3
Good Things Come To Those Who Wa1.mp3
Good Time (rmx).mp3
Good To The Last Drop.mp3
Goody Goody.mp3
Got Me Loving You.mp3
Got To Be Next To You.mp3
Gotta Be Free.mp3
Gotta Let You Go.mp3
Guilty Of The Crime.mp3
Happy Days.mp3
He Said She Said.mp3
He's My Baby Now.mp3
He's My Baby.mp3
Heart & Soul.mp3
Heart Breaker.mp3
Hearts Desire.mp3
Heaven Must Have Sent You.mp3
Here I Go Again.mp3
Here We Are.mp3
Here's Your Hat.mp3
Highways Of Love.mp3
Hip Hop Salsa.mp3
Hold Me Tight.mp3
Hold Me.mp3
Holding On To Love.mp3
Holding On.mp3
Holy Night.mp3
Hooked On You.mp3
Hot Spot.mp3
How Can We Be Wrong.mp3
How Could You Have The Heart.mp3
How Could You Love Me.mp3
How I Love Him Long Mix.mp3
How I Love Him.mp3
Hungry For Your Love.mp3
I Beg Your Pardon.mp3
I Believe.mp3
I Burn.mp3
I Can Give You What You Need.mp3
I Can't Face The Fact (2).mp3
I Can't Face The Fact.mp3
I Can't Let Go.mp3
I Can't Live Without You.mp3
I Do Both Jay & Jane.mp3
I Don't Care For You.mp3
I Don't Need Your Love.mp3
I Don't Want You Back.mp3
I Feel In Love (freestyle Rmx).mp3
I Feel In Love.mp3
I Feel It In My Heart.mp3
I Gave My Heart.mp3
I Had Enough.mp3
I Have Dreams.mp3
I Know That You Love Me.mp3
I Know You Love Me.mp3
I Know You Now.mp3
I Know.mp3
I Lost The Love.mp3
I Love You For All Seasons.mp3
I Love You.mp3
I Love You1.mp3
I Need To Know.mp3
I Need You (2).mp3
I Need You Now.mp3
I Need You.mp3
I Never Knew.mp3
I Never Loved You.mp3
I Never Said.mp3
I Should Have Known.mp3
I Still Love You.mp3
I Surrender (remix).mp3
I Wanna Be The One.mp3
I Wanna Be With You.mp3
I Wanna Break Night With You.mp3
I Wanna Hold You.mp3
I Wanna Know.mp3
I Wanna Make Love 2 You.mp3
I Wanna Make You Mine.mp3
I Wanna Rock.mp3
I Want You (2).mp3
I Want You Back (2).mp3
I Want You Back (3).mp3
I Want You Back (frankie Cutlass.mp3
I Want You Back.mp3
I Want You.mp3
I Want You2.mp3
I Want Your Love.mp3
I Was The One.mp3
I Will Survive.mp3
I Wish.mp3
I Won't Stop Lovin You.mp3
I Wrote The Song.mp3
I'll Always Love You.mp3
I'll Be All You Ever Need.mp3
I'll Be Loving You.mp3
I'll Be Waiting For You.mp3
I'll Give It 2 You.mp3
I'll Give You Everything.mp3
I'll Live (don't Tell Me Lies).mp3
I'll Make You Feel Good.mp3
I'll Never Be The Same.mp3
I'll Never Leave You.mp3
I'll Never Stop Loving You.mp3
I'm Gonna Luv U.mp3
I'm Gonna Make You Mine.mp3
I'm Not Gonna Cry Over You.mp3
I'm Over You.mp3
I'm Searching.mp3
I'm So In Love With You.mp3
I'm The One.mp3
I've Been Thinking About You.mp3
If Ever.mp3
If I Could Turn Back The Hands O.mp3
If I Had The Chance.mp3
If My Love Doesn't Suite Ya.mp3
If This Is Love.mp3
If You Don't Know.mp3
If You Feel It.mp3
If You Leave Me Now.mp3
If You Still Love Me.mp3
If You Trully Love Me.mp3
If You Want Me.mp3
If You Want My Love.mp3
If You Wanted To Love Me.mp3
If You Were Mine.mp3
In & Out Of Love.mp3
In & Out Of Love1.mp3
In & Out.mp3
In A Dream.mp3
In Love With Love.mp3
In My Dreams.mp3
In My Eyes- Bonus Spooge.mp3
In My Eyes- Dancing Eyes.mp3
In My Eyes- Destiny Vs Curiosity Mix.mp3
In My Eyes- In My House.mp3
In My Eyes- Radio Mix.mp3
In My Eyes.mp3
In My Heart.mp3
In Paradise.mp3
In The City.mp3
In The Name Of Love.mp3
In Time You Will See.mp3
In Your Arms.mp3
In Your Eyes.mp3
In Your Eyes1.mp3
Inch By Inch.mp3
Indian Giver.mp3
Inside Outside.mp3
Intimate Strangers.mp3
Is It Love.mp3
Is It Me Or Is It Her.mp3
Is It Me The One.mp3
Is It Real.mp3
It Could Have Been Love.mp3
It Must Be Love.mp3
It Must Be You.mp3
It Was Always You.mp3
It Was You.mp3
It Works For Me.mp3
It's A Crime.mp3
It's Always You.mp3
It's Automatic.mp3
It's Not Over.mp3
It's Not To Late.mp3
It's Time For Pleasure.mp3
It's Too Late (little Louie).mp3
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Old November 2nd, 2008, 12:12 PM
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

Jam The Box.mp3
Just Another Lover.mp3
Just Another Night.mp3
Just Like The Wind-acappella.mp3
Just Like The Wind-club Mix.mp3
Just Like The Wind-radio Mix.mp3
Just Like The Wind.mp3
Just Waiting For You.mp3
Just Who I Need To Love.mp3
Kindred Spirits.mp3
Kiss Me Touch Me.mp3
L O V E.mp3
Last Chance.mp3
Latin Girl.mp3
Latin Love.mp3
Latin Lover (2).mp3
Latin Lover.mp3
Latin Lover1.mp3
Leave It All Behind.mp3
Leave Me This Way.mp3
Let It Go.mp3
Let Me Be (1996 Mix By Dj Ultra).mp3
Let Me Be The One (2).mp3
Let Me Be The One (3).mp3
Let Me Be The One (4).mp3
Let Me Be The One (5).mp3
Let Me Be The One.mp3
Let Me Be The One1.mp3
Let Me Be Your Angel.mp3
Let Me Go.mp3
Let Me Hold You.mp3
Let Me Love You For Tonight.mp3
Let Your Body Go.mp3
Let's Go.mp3
Let's Make Love.mp3
Let's Spend The Night Alone.mp3
Life Goes On.mp3
Life's Too Short.mp3
Lifetime Love.mp3
Lift You Up.mp3
Like A Child.mp3
Limit Your Lovin'.mp3
Lisa Maria.mp3
Listen To My Cries.mp3
Listen To Your Heart.mp3
Little 15 (rmx).mp3
Lonely Days.mp3
Look Into My Eyes.mp3
Look Into My Eyes1.mp3
Look Into Your Eyes.mp3
Look My Way.mp3
Lookout Weekend.mp3
Losing My Heart Over You.mp3
Louder Than Love.mp3
Love At First Sight.mp3
Love Can't Wait.mp3
Love Cant Wait- Club.mp3
Love Cant Wait- Radio.mp3
Love Change.mp3
Love Child.mp3
Love Desire.mp3
Love Desire1.mp3
Love Don't Come Everyday.mp3
Love Forever.mp3
Love Gives No Second Chances.mp3
Love Illusion.mp3
Love Is A Lie.mp3
Love Is Blind.mp3
Love Is On Her Mind.mp3
Love It.mp3
Love Letter.mp3
Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not.mp3
Love Me Tonight.mp3
Love Story.mp3
Love Will Keep Us Together.mp3
Love You Feel.mp3
Love You Will You Love Me.mp3
Love You, Love You.mp3
Love's Contagious.mp3
Lovin' Fool.mp3
Loving You Like Crazy.mp3
Loving You.mp3
Macho Mozart.mp3
Mad About You.mp3
Made Up My Mind.mp3
Make It Last.mp3
Make It Last1.mp3
Make My Day.mp3
Make Noise.mp3
Make The Way.mp3
Make This Last.mp3
Make'em Rock.mp3
Mandolay (92).mp3
Match Made Up In Heaven.mp3
Materialistic Girl.mp3
Me & You.mp3
Memories (2).mp3
Memories Of Love.mp3
Memories Of Love1.mp3
Memories Of You.mp3
Midi Jungle.mp3
Midnight Passion.mp3
Miracles Explode.mp3
Misjudged Love.mp3
Missing You-bonus Beats.mp3
Missing You-club Mix.mp3
Missing You-hip House.mp3
Missing You-house Dub.mp3
Missing You-house.mp3
Missing You-radio Mix.mp3
Missing You-vocal.mp3
Missing You.mp3
Missing Your Love.mp3
Moments In Love.mp3
More And More.mp3
Mouch Me (carlos Berrios).mp3
Move It Like This.mp3
Move Out.mp3
Moving On.mp3
Must Be The Music.mp3
My Body Needs Your Touch.mp3
My Favorite Girl.mp3
My Heart Alone.mp3
My Heart Gets All The Breaks.mp3
My Heart Hold The Key.mp3
My Heart Skips A Beat.mp3
My Little Party.mp3
My Summer Story.mp3
My Sweet Love.mp3
My Sweet Rose.mp3
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Old November 2nd, 2008, 12:13 PM
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

Near Midnight.mp3
Never Give Up.mp3
Never Let You Go.mp3
Never Say Never.mp3
Never Stop Loving You.mp3
Never Thought I'd Let You Go.mp3
Never Too Late.mp3
New Generation.mp3
Night After Night.mp3
Nightime Lovekind.mp3
Nightmares Of Tomorrow.mp3
Nighttime Lovekind-instrumental.mp3
No Matter What.mp3
No More No More.mp3
No More Tears, No More Lies.mp3
No More Tears.mp3
No More Tears1.mp3
No One Knows.mp3
No Reason To Cry (jackie Jack Mi.mp3
No Reason To Cry.mp3
No Regrets.mp3
No Room For Three.mp3
No Way Out.mp3
Noone But You.mp3
Not A Second Time.mp3
Not Gonna Be One.mp3
Nothing To You.mp3
Notice Me.mp3
Now & Forever.mp3
Now & Forever1.mp3
Now Is The Time.mp3
Now That Is Over.mp3
Now That Your Gone.mp3
Now You're Gone.mp3
Number One.mp3
Number One1.mp3
Off The Hook.mp3
On The Edge.mp3
On The Loose.mp3
Once Around The Block.mp3
Once Is Not Enough.mp3
Once Upon A Time.mp3
Once Upon A Time1.mp3
One By One.mp3
One Good Man.mp3
One Look.mp3
One Love.mp3
One Love1.mp3
One Man Women.mp3
One More Chance For Love.mp3
One More Chance.mp3
One More Chance1.mp3
One More Night.mp3
One More Try.mp3
One True Love Affair.mp3
One Way Love (94).mp3
One Way Love- Dub.mp3
One Way Love- Nest Mix.mp3
One Way Love- Vocal.mp3
One Way Love.mp3
Only In The Night.mp3
Only Time Will Tell.mp3
Open To You.mp3
Open Up My Heart To You.mp3
Open Up Your Heart.mp3
Open Up Your Heart1.mp3
Open Your Eyes.mp3
Open Your Heart.mp3
Other Part Of Me.mp3
Our Love.mp3
Out Of Control.mp3
Out Of Control1.mp3
Out Of Time.mp3
Over And Over.mp3
Oye Como Va.mp3
Papa Beats.mp3
Party Line.mp3
Party Your Body.mp3
Picking Up Pieces.mp3
Picking Up The Pieces.mp3
Play Another Song For Me.mp3
Play Girl.mp3
Please Don't Go.mp3
Please Please Me.mp3
Please Stay Tonight.mp3
Point Of No Return.mp3
Praying For An Angel.mp3
Prisoner Of Love.mp3
Promise Me (2).mp3
Promise Me (3).mp3
Promise Me Your Heart.mp3
Promise Me.mp3
Promise Me1.mp3
Promise You My Love.mp3
Prove It.mp3
Prove Your Love To Me.mp3
Prove Your Love.mp3
Pump Up The Party.mp3
Reach For Me Tonight.mp3
Read Between The Lines.mp3
Ready To Love.mp3
Real Love.mp3
Red Hot.mp3
Regrets Only.mp3
Release Me.mp3
Remember The Times.mp3
Rescue Me.mp3
Right From The Start.mp3
Right On Time.mp3
Rock Me Shake Me.mp3
Roses Are Red.mp3
Runaway Love.mp3
Runaway Love1.mp3
Running (2).mp3
Running (3).mp3
Running All Around.mp3
Running Man.mp3
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

Salsa With Me.mp3
Same Old Song And Dance.mp3
Santa Li.mp3
Santa-li- Acapella.mp3
Santa-li- Freestyle Mix.mp3
Santa-li- House Mix.mp3
Santa-li- Radio Mix W Guitar Intro.mp3
Santa-li- Radio W Edit.mp3
Santa-li- Spoken Steet House_.mp3
Saty With Me Tonight.mp3
Say Baby I Love You.mp3
Say It's Gonna Rain.mp3
Sayin' Sorry (dont Make It Right.mp3
Scars Of Love.mp3
Scars Of My Heart.mp3
Second Chance For Love.mp3
Secret Lovers.mp3
Secret Rendezvous.mp3
Secrets Of Love.mp3
See Right Through Me.mp3
Sending All My Love.mp3
Sex, Lies, & Video Tape.mp3
Share This Moment.mp3
Shattered Dreams.mp3
Should've Never Let You Go.mp3
Show Me The Way.mp3
Show Me- Drumapella.mp3
Show Me- Florida Mix.mp3
Show Me- Hearthrob Mix.mp3
Show Me- Nest Mix.mp3
Show Me.mp3
Silent Morning.mp3
Sincerely Yours- Basement Beats.mp3
Sincerely Yours- Club Mix.mp3
Sincerely Yours- Extended Radio.mp3
Sincerely Yours- Percapella.mp3
Sincerly Yours.mp3
So Caught Up In Love.mp3
So Far Away.mp3
So Good For You.mp3
So In Love With You.mp3
So In Love.mp3
Some Kind Of Love.mp3
Someone To Hold.mp3
Something In My Heart.mp3
Something Never Meant.mp3
Something Tells Me.mp3
Somethings Never Change.mp3
Soul On Fire.mp3
Sounds Of Heartbreak.mp3
Sounds Of Love.mp3
Special Love.mp3
Spend My Life With You.mp3
Spend The Night With You.mp3
Spring Love- Club Mix.mp3
Spring Love- Dub.mp3
Spring Love- Percapella.mp3
Spring Love- Radio Mix.mp3
Spring Love.mp3
Spring Love1.mp3
Stand By Your Lover.mp3
Stay With Me.mp3
Step Into My World.mp3
Still Miss You.mp3
Still Miss You1.mp3
Stop Lying.mp3
Stop Playing With My Heart.mp3
Stop The Games.mp3
Stop The Love.mp3
Straight From The Heart.mp3
Stranger In My House Of Love.mp3
Summer Night With You.mp3
Summertime (berrios Rmx).mp3
Summertime Summertime.mp3
Sunner Girls.mp3
Sweet September Love.mp3
Swept Away.mp3
Tables Turn.mp3
Take Back The Love.mp3
Take It While It's Hot.mp3
Take Me As I Am.mp3
Take Me Away.mp3
Take Me I'm Yours.mp3
Take Me In Your Arms Again.mp3
Take Me In Your Arms- Club.mp3
Take Me In Your Arms- House.mp3
Take Me In Your Arms- Radio.mp3
Take Me In Your Arms.mp3
Take Me.mp3
Take My Hand.mp3
Take Your Love & Go.mp3
Talk To Me (charlie Rock Mix).mp3
Taught Me.mp3
Tear Shed 93.mp3
Tear Shed.mp3
Tears I Shed.mp3
Tears In My Eyes.mp3
Tears May Fall (92).mp3
Tears May Fall- Acappella.mp3
Tears May Fall- Drumappella.mp3
Tears May Fall- Dub.mp3
Tears May Fall- Extended Dance Mix.mp3
Tears May Fall- House Of Tears Dub.mp3
Tears May Fall- House Of Tears Mix.mp3
Tears May Fall.mp3
Tears Of Tears.mp3
Tell It To Me Heart.mp3
Tell Me Boy Tell Me Girl.mp3
Tell Me How Your Feeling.mp3
Tell Me Why.mp3
Tell Me Why1.mp3
Tell The Truth.mp3
Tell U So.mp3
Tell U So1.mp3
Temptation- After Dark Love Mix.mp3
Temptation- Dark Beats.mp3
Temptation- New School.mp3
Temptation- Radio.mp3
Temptation- Synth Apella.mp3
Tender Heart.mp3
Tender Love.mp3
That's What I Like.mp3
The Lover That Rocks You All Nig.mp3
The Mexican.mp3
The Night We Shared.mp3
The Pain Of Love.mp3
The Part Has Just Begun.mp3
The Promise.mp3
The Question- Acapella.mp3
The Question- Answer Dub.mp3
The Question- Extended Mix.mp3
The Question- Radio Mix.mp3
The Question- Rascal Beats.mp3
The Question.mp3
The Rebel.mp3
The Search.mp3
The Texican.mp3
The Time Is Right.mp3
The Way I Feel About You.mp3
The Way Love Should Be.mp3
The Way She Looks At Me-bonus Beats.mp3
The Way She Looks At Me-club.mp3
The Way She Looks At Me-radio.mp3
The Way She Looks At Me.mp3
The Way She Moves.mp3
Theif Of Hearts.mp3
Then Came You- Bonus Beats.mp3
Then Came You- Club.mp3
Then Came You- Dub.mp3
Then Came You-radio.mp3
Then Came You.mp3
There Goes Your Heart.mp3
There's A Party Going On.mp3
Thief Of Heart.mp3
Thinking About You.mp3
This Is The Right Time.mp3
Thoes Were The Times.mp3
Those Lonely Nights.mp3
Thy're Playing Our Song.mp3
Time & Time Again.mp3
Time After Time.mp3
Time And Time Again.mp3
Time Passes By.mp3
To Be In Your Arms.mp3
To The Top.mp3
Together Forever (red Zone).mp3
Together Forever.mp3
Too Good To Be True.mp3
Too Late For Love.mp3
Touch Me In The Morning.mp3
Touch Me With Your Heart.mp3
Treasure Of My Heart.mp3
True Confessions.mp3
True Love Never Dies.mp3
True To Love.mp3
Trying Not To Cry.mp3
Turn It Up.mp3
Turn It Up1.mp3
Twenty Four Seven.mp3
Two Notches.mp3
Two To Make It Right.mp3
Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right.mp3
Unforgiven Love.mp3
Untrue Lover.mp3
Victim Of A Broken Heart.mp3
Victim Of Love.mp3
Victim Of Pleasure.mp3
Voices In Your Head.mp3
Wait & See.mp3
Wait & See1.mp3
Waiting For Your Love.mp3
Walk Away.mp3
Walk Away1.mp3
Walking Away.mp3
Wanna Be Starting Something.mp3
Wasn't Love.mp3
Wasted Love.mp3
We Are The One's.mp3
We Belong Together.mp3
We Can Work It Out.mp3
We Can't Go On This Way.mp3
We're Out Of Control.mp3
We've Only Just Begun.mp3
What Comes Around Goes Around.mp3
What Goes Around Comes Around.mp3
What Happened To Forever.mp3
What I Am To Do.mp3
What I'm Feeling.mp3
What U Did 2 Me.mp3
What Was I Thinking Of.mp3
What Will I Do.mp3
What Will I Do1.mp3
What Will It Take.mp3
What You See Is What You Get.mp3
What's On Your Mind.mp3
Whats About Me.mp3
When I Hear Music.mp3
When I Look Into Your Eyes.mp3
When I'm Gone.mp3
When The Pieces Fall.mp3
When The Shades Pull Down.mp3
When The Time Is Right.mp3
When Will I See You Again (soul_.mp3
When Will You Come Back To Me (o.mp3
When You Leave.mp3
Where Are You Tonight (remix).mp3
Where Are You Tonight.mp3
Where Did We Go Wrong.mp3
Where Do I Belong.mp3
Where Does That Leave Love.mp3
Where You Have Gone To.mp3
Who Will It Be.mp3
Who You Fooling Now.mp3
Who You Lovin' Tonight.mp3
Who's Got Your Love.mp3
Who's Holding You Now.mp3
Who's Sorry Now.mp3
Why Can't You Be Mine.mp3
Why Can't You Love Me.mp3
Why Cry.mp3
Why Did You Do It.mp3
Why Did You Do Me Wrong.mp3
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do.mp3
Why You Wanna Go.mp3
Why You Wanna Hurt Me.mp3
Will We Ever Learn.mp3
Wings Of Love.mp3
With Every Beat Of My Heart.mp3
With Or Without You.mp3
Within My Heart-bonus Beats.mp3
Within My Heart-club Mix.mp3
Within My Heart-radio Mix.mp3
Within My Heart-schoolyard Mix.mp3
Within My Heart-synthapella.mp3
Within My Heart.mp3
Without Her.mp3
Without You.mp3
Without You1.mp3
Without Your Love.mp3
World In My Eyes.mp3
Would You Like To Get Together.mp3
Wrong Number.mp3
X Ray Vision.mp3
Yo No Se.mp3
You & Me.mp3
You (2).mp3
You And Me Baby.mp3
You And Me.mp3
You Are An Angel.mp3
You Are The One (2).mp3
You Are The One.mp3
You Are The One1.mp3
You Are The Reason.mp3
You Can't Fight Love.mp3
You Can't Get Away.mp3
You Hold The Key.mp3
You Look So Fine.mp3
You Played Me For A Fool.mp3
You Said You Loved Me (95).mp3
You Said You Loved Me.mp3
You Should Know By Now.mp3
You Showed Me.mp3
You Take Me Higher.mp3
You Took My Heart.mp3
You Were Meant For Me.mp3
You Were The One.mp3
You Will Never Know.mp3
You'll Never Find Another Love.mp3
You're My One And Only.mp3
You're My Only Love.mp3
You're My Only Man.mp3
You're The One And Only.mp3
You're The One For Me.mp3
You're The One.mp3
Your Love Is On The Run.mp3
Your Love.mp3
Your Love1.mp3
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Old November 2nd, 2008, 05:10 PM
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

nice list joey
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Old November 3rd, 2008, 06:55 PM
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

Too bad there are no artist names.
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Old November 3rd, 2008, 07:23 PM
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

i cant figure oput how to get the the names of the songs and artist from the folder they are stored in.
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Old November 4th, 2008, 08:43 PM
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Re: My Freestyle mp3 list

What's up there Joe, are you selling any of these mp3's? I'm looking for acapellas.
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